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Explore top Chess & Coding programs for kids & teens with Raspberry Pi & Roblox courses to boost critical skills. Hands-on STEM activities | Teens Chess Course.

Explore top Chess & Coding programs for kids & teens with Raspberry Pi & Roblox courses to boost critical skills. Hands-on STEM activities | Teens Chess Course.

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STEM for Kids: Comprehensive STEM and Chess Programs for Kids and Teens

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How to teach kids chess:

  Prepare your child for the future today with our specialized chess and coding programs for kids and teens! Our offerings include exciting courses such as Raspberry Pi coding classes and Roblox 3D design courses tailored to captivate and educate young learners and adolescents. We are featuring tools like Chessbase. We have over 50 years experience in helping kids learn chess.

Our STEM for Kids initiatives are interactive and hands-on, utilizing cutting-edge technology like Lego Mindstorms and Little Bots to bring STEM activities for middle school students to life. These programs are designed not just to impart hard skills but also to enhance critical thinking, preparing your child for academic and professional success in a competitive world.

Moreover, our courses are meticulously structured to teach essential skills and increase your child’s readiness for future educational opportunities. By participating in our programs, students don’t just learn; they excel. Dive into our engaging chess tutorial segments, and watch your child develop their strategic thinking capacity and problem-solving skills, ensuring they stand out in future education applications.

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One of the best projects a kid or teen can undertake is building a motorized toy car.  Making a toy is an excellent entry-level for creating a real robot.  We can show your kids to build one of these cars, and they will learn about engineering and electrical systems.  

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Research has shown that pre-K to second-grade kids can master basic robotics and computer coding skills.   STEM literacy can be encouraged children to enhance their creativity, problem-solving, communication, and social skills.  We have you and your kids covered – call us today.

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Our STEM summer camps are designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in kids and teens, emphasizing hands-on learning and real-world applications. We offer a variety of online chess and coding courses for children, which are perfect for young learners to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, our interactive chess and coding workshops for kids combine fun and education, engaging them with coding games integrated with chess. These activities not only make learning enjoyable but also demonstrate the educational benefits of chess and coding for kids. Students at our camps also explore the intricacies of circuits, sensors,  motors, and get hands-on experience in writing code, ensuring they gain comprehensive STEM knowledge.

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