Kids Chess + Coding -Strategic Beginning to Master the Ends

Chess + Coding are critical skills in math and computer science. USA, Veteran Owned Business

Coding for Kids


Amazing Robot for Children

Our vision

Children should have a balanced approach toward education, learning from the past and embracing the advancing world of technology.  Our world is changing at an exponential pace and Challenging Heads is passionate about educating children for the 21st Century technology.  We want children to become creators of technology from coding to infrastructure, to design.  This knowledge should start at Kindergarten because a child mind is open to new ideas and methods of learning.   Computer technology should be part of a child curriculum and taught in an engaging manner.  We believe that the mere imparting of information is not education; therefore, we take the hand on approach toward exposing children to computer technology. 

Hanif Bady robotic instructor teaches summer camp at Mt. Airy Playground
Kids Learn To Code

Coding Academy for Kids + Teens

Why is coding important for kids?  Coding improves creative thinking skills, improve problem-solving skills and improve computer programming skills.

On Line Chess Lessons

Our 3d Roblox design class is a perfect fit for kids and teens to learn how to design an exciting object and share it with friends.  We offer interactive virtual lessons + in-person classes.

%chess and coding%

Your students will learn to edit a Roblox game in addition to coding their own game and bringing it to virtual life.  We teach our students how to script in Roblox.   This is directly transferable to another computer language such as python.   We find kids and teens who spend a vast amount of time on Roblox understand how a game should look and operate; imagine if they can create their own Roblox game?  We offer the best online coding classes for kids.  

Our coding program is tailored toward kids between the ages of 6 – 16.  Yes!  Have your kid be part of a project to have one billion Kids Can Code.  The sooner you introduce your kids to coding concepts the more time they will have to process and interpret computer languages and design.  We are here for you from Minecraft, Kudo, Scratch, Roblox, and Python coding classes for kids and teens.  Your kids are waiting, contact us today.