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Acclaimed Chess on Number #1 Online Chess Club

Power Up! Online Chess Club with friends.   Play on #1 Online Chess Club. Free internet chess server where you can play with friends. 

We will be holding our Online Chess Tournament on the free server.   Join our Speedy chess Improvement for beginner.  Play live for quick and rapid improvement, and laugh with friends as they blunder a piece.  This free chess club will allow you to Power Up!  Online Chess Club with Friends.

Online Chess Club with friends, we hold tournaments for beginners only.   You will play live chess with friends and develop playing partners for future improvement while playing in our online chess club

The Black Chess Authority club on  Click on the link; this will take you to our club page where you can register to play in one of our events.  This will allow you to play live chess com where your games are automatically saved. When play live your games will be entered into a database, where our instructors can view your games and help you improve quickly.   For the advanced beginner, check out our Youtube Channel.

Speedy Chess Improvement for beginner

Power Up! Online Chess Club with Friends

Every beginner chess player wants to learn how to win quickly so they can feel good about playing chess.  This is why it’s important to have beginners play against each other; this gives them a chance of winning.    Therefore, how to prepare the novice student with the necessary skills to understand chess at a level where they will win.  Most coaches/trainers will recommend training with tactical exercise and acquiring the services of a coach.  This is wise advice and will lead to rapid improvement, but what if the student can’t afford a coach?  How should he or she proceed?  Probably, a good option is to view free Youtube chess videos and play at your local chess club.  In most chess clubs there are  strong players  that will give you suggestions on how to get better, ask your club director for advice.  He usually knows all the strong players and has a good relationship with them.  In addition, you can always contact us.  Good Luck, Good Chess, Cheers!!