Trusted Kids Organization

Trusted Kids Organization

Dr. Wendy Halpern, chess parent
Dr. Wendy Halpern

Associate at NY Implant Dentistry

Academy of Osseointegration

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Glenn is an excellent Chess teacher. Glenn has been my son’s chess teacher for over 5 years and is continuing with Glenn. Not only has Glenn taught my son the fundamentals of Chess, but he has helped my son focus attention, present himself with a calm demeanor in competition, and advance gracefully from failure. These skills have allowed my son to develop elegantly as a person at a young age and will continue to affect him throughout life. Glenn has achieved the esteemed title of Life Master of Chess, and we are honored to learn from him.


Daaim Shabazz - Chess journalist
Daaim Shabazz

Glenn is a very passionate advocate of using chess as a vehicle for attaining the maximum intellectual potential in youth. He has been very successful at Challenging Heads and I have written articles on his activities. Here is the first I featured LM Glenn Bady.

also, see LM Bady.
Glenn has been in chess education for well over a decade and continues to provide youth access to positive outlets for personal development.


Rob Kutzik endorse Glenn and Hanif Bady robotic for kids.

Rob Kutzik,
Executive Director
Summer Camps
at College Settlement

Mr. Bady provided two excellent robotics workshops with his son at two different schools with two different age groups. At each site, his presentation was well received, age-appropriate and effective. Most importantly it was of great value to the students, most of whom were exposed to the world of robotics and applied science for the first time.


Mort Cohen,

CEO at IPA and Owner, IPA

Greater New York City Area

Glenn has served as a chess tutor/coach/mentor for both of my two children, aged 17 and 11. His services have been superlative. He is a great teacher and adjusts his technique and methodology as appropriate for each child’s level of play. I would HIGHLY recommend Glenn to others for similar work.


Dr. Kimani Stancil endorse Glenn for chess.

Dr. Kimani Stancil 

Physics Professor- Merchant Marine Academy

Glenn is an understanding, open-minded, chess professional with a big heart! His interactions with kids and adults through chess teaching and sharing are very positive!

Nicole Black endorse Glenn Bady's chess teaching abilities. Nicole Black, 

Luxury Goods Marketing Executive

Philadelphia Diamond Company

Glenn did an excellent job introducing my five-year-old son to the game of Chess. My son had an opportunity to study with Challenging Heads Chess twice and he has picked up quite a bit of chess knowledge- Most importantly he had fun in the process.

Joe Horning - Chess Dad

Joseph Hornig

Senior Vice President-Investment Officer
at Wells Fargo Advisors
I would highly recommend Glenn as a chess teacher. He has helped my son and many other children learn the fundamentals of chess and be competitive players. Most importantly, he makes it fun for them while he is teaching and they enjoy attending his classes. Joe Hornig

Chess Coach - Dan Heisman

Dan Heisman

Full-time chess instructor and author

 Glen is a chess teacher here in the Philadelphia area. He has long worked with youngsters and members of his community on chess training and community affairs.


Barry Davis playing chess
NM Barry Davis

Barry Davis

Resident Chessmaster

Western New York Amature Chess Association

Glenn has a high level of energy, which is complimented by his attention to detail and his ability to simplify any problem and articulate it to any student!