KIDS Learn Code

Challenging Heads Chess and Robotics in Philadelphia Our after-school and summer video game design program: kids code in Philadelphia kids coding languages, like Python, is a great beginning.

The instructions are in design-based learning,  design based learning is an approach that emphasizes designing (creating things, not just using or interacting with things) personalizing, collaborating, and reflecting,  as such, this approached is well suited for kids to design and create their own video games.

The main design and block graphic code base we introduce  kids to are Kodu and Scratch.

Kodu is Icon-base – this makes  it perfect for kids to understand the colorful blocks.

Kodu is made by Microsoft, they are developing new and interactive platforms  for kids making it easy to design and code in Kodu.

Kodu video game design for kids to learn how to design and make a video game
Kodu Video Game Design


Day Cares Kids Make video game

Kids can make a game in Scratch

We offer summer and after school lessons in both area of game design for kids.  Kids are introduce to block  coding structure. 

We travel to your site and bring all necessary equipment  to have your game design program up and running.