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Our vision

Children should have a balanced approach toward education, learning from the past and embracing the advancing world of technology.  Our world is changing at an exponential pace and Challenging Heads is passionate about educating children for the 21st Century technology.  We want children to become creators of technology from coding to infrastructure, to design.  This knowledge should start at Kindergarten because a child mind is open to new ideas and methods of learning.   Computer technology should be part of a child curriculum and taught in an engaging manner.  We believe that the mere imparting of information is not education; therefore, we take the hand on approach toward exposing children to computer technology. 

Hanif Bady robotic instructor teaches summer camp at Mt. Airy Playground
Kids Learn To Code

Building robots and coding them are a gratifying activity for kids because they get a chance to create a robot and bring it to life.  This creation process can be a tremendous educational learning benefit for kids of the 21st Century.

About Us

We teach chess and coding  in schools,community centers and learning centers. Challenging Heads Chess (CHC) coaches are United State Chess Federation Masters or Experts. Our robotics instructors specialize in science and technology. Our video game design instructors are programmers and artists. CHC specializes in teaching chess/robotics and video game design to students in grades K-8. We teach after school, before school and during school enrichment chess/robotics and video game design programs. Our Emphasis are on improving children test scores, by improving self esteem, math problem solving and critical thinking.

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