Kids Chess

WHY IS CHESS GOOD FOR KIDS IN On site chess camp, afterschool, communities centers and, recreation centers?

Chess is STEM!

Can chess increase math scores?

Maybe, But how? 

Let’s look at the similarities between the two:

Chess is a game that requires problem solving, math requires problem solving.

Chess and math require spatial thinking.

Can chess improves spatial thinking?  

Maybe, many fields depend on spatial thinking, from structural geologists to engineers.

So how can chess help?  well, chess is very spatially demanding.  Playing chess requires keeping track of the locations and potential locations of a large number of pieces. 


Hanif's chess student wins 1st place at private school chess tournament
Champion Chess Kid


Kids summer chess camp. Campers learn how to play and beat their dad.
Kids Summer Chess Camp

CHESS:  Our chess program concentrate on critical thinking and creative thinking; the ability to understand a problem, create a logical argument and find an answer.  Creative thinking involves focusing on ideas and looking for many answers instead of just one.  We believe in a hands-on approach toward learning; therefore, our motto is that children can learn through play.  We look forward to working with your children in a wonderful “mind”  centered after school or summer activity.

We offer our chess program in after school, summer camps, community centers and recreations centers.

  1.  We come to you and supply all equipment needed to have your chess program.
  2. Glenn is a United States Advance Life Chess Master.
  3. Kids will learn piece movement and notation.
  4. Kids will learn to think ahead before making decisions.
  5. But most of all we make chess FUN!


Day Care Chess - K-5 boy with chess t-shirt.
CHESS – The Game of Peace